How to Create A Stress-Free Homeschool

How to Create A Stress-Free Homeschool


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I sat down late at night and did a google search of how to homeschool. I had no idea that there were (what felt like) a thousand different ways to teach my child. Terms like Classical, Montessori, Waldorf, Unschooling, Charlotte Mason, and Eclectic overwhelmed my thoughts.


I hadn’t even started researching state laws and I already feel overwhelmed. Why I thought, does this have to be so complicated? I stared at the screen feeling alone, discouraged, and wishing I had someone to help make sense of this mountain of information.


Have you ever felt the same way? Have you and your spouse talked about homeschooling but you are not sure where to start? Are you already homeschooling but it’s just not working and you can’t figure out why?  Do you have questions about socialization, curriculum, schedules, and homeschool groups?  Do you worry about how to teach your child subjects that you bombed as a kid?


I talk with moms who are overwhelmed, confused, and stressed out after attempting to wade through all of the homeschool information out there.  There are so many different and often conflicting viewpoints that it can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if a veteran homeschool mom could walk beside you on this journey, simplifying all of the information out there into one spot?  Someone who could help you to craft your ultimate homeschool experience while saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on useless curriculum, hours of stress and anxiety, and needless work?



1. Professional Development 

2. What Is Zero To Homeschool? 

3. Why I Love It


4. Why It Might Not Be A Good Fit 

1. Professional Development 


Many of us are coming from one-income families and we are trying to homeschool on a budget.  We research, research, and research trying to make our resources stretch.  An online course can seem like a luxury.


Please, don’t make the mistake of putting your ongoing education at the bottom of the priority list.  As your child’s main teacher, you directly affect your homeschool environment.  When you are confident and operating out of a proactive instead of reactive stance, it changes how you homeschool.


Invest in your ongoing education, and save yourself (and your kids) years, buckets of tears, and thousands of dollars trying to piece together a homeschool structure that works.


2. Overview of Zero To Homeschool


Zero to Homeschool is a step by step online course that empowers moms with the hands-on training  to create a homeschool environment that is tailored to your family’s needs.


The course was created by a veteran homeschool mom; someone who answers your questions, encourages you in your role as a teacher, and fills you with the confidence you need to thrive as a homeschool mama.


The course is very comprehensive with 8 modules, 59 lessons, and three bonus workshops. The course is self-paced so you can take it at a time that works best for your schedule.


It teaches you everything from the importance of deschooling, knowing yourself and your family, homeschool styles and resources, how to plan your homeschool year, juggling home life and homeschooling, and so much more.


3. Why I Love It 

I was blown away at how comprehensive the  Zero to Homeschool course is. I kept startling my family, as I went through each module, yelling, “YES!” to each main point.



I just did Module 3 of Zero to Homeschool and I learned a lot. Now instead of allowing myself to get spread too thin with all the things we could do, I was able to refocus on our family’s key priorities.


What I love is that this course is honest about the strengths and pitfalls of homeschooling.  Kelly, the course creator, takes an overwhelming subject and simplifies it into bite-size pieces. I also love that it’s not just lessons but also practical activities that help you apply what you have learned to your homeschool.


For instance, she includes follow up questions to talk about the material with your spouse or friend. She also includes additional articles, and e-books so you can dive down deep into topics that might interest you.


4. Why It Might Not Be Right For You

  • If your homeschool is doing well. Woohoo! Go You!
  • If you are drawn to a very structured approach to homeschooling.


 You can Register and find out more information about the Zero to Homeschool course here



Are you wondering HOW do you actually get started homeschooling? Join our community of moms who want to invest in the lives of their children through homeschooling. I also created a 10 Tips to Finding Excellent Curriculum form to help you on your journey. 



What about you? What is the #1 thing in Homeschooling that is most challenging for you? Leave a comment, and don’t forget to follow Most Important Work on Pinterest! 

17 Ideas to Celebrate the Last Day of School

17 Ideas to Celebrate the Last Day of School


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When I first heard about celebrating the end of the school year with a party, I thought it sounded brilliant. I mean who doesn’t want an excuse to eat yummy food, and have fun?! smile


However, when the end of the year rolled around, I was neck deep in paperwork, graduation parties, and work projects, so having a party didn’t even make the first ten pages of my to-do list.


Let’s be honest, as homeschooling moms, testing, finishing up curriculum, portfolios, state requirements, teacher evaluations, and spring sports, can fill our waking moments (and dreams) at the end of the school year.  With so many different things clamoring for our attention there is a temptation to sprint right past the end of the school year.


As moms, we can spend a lot of time over the years questioning the ramifications of homeschooling. We can indulge in self-doubt and worry that our children are not receiving a good education, that we are enough.  We can easily forget in the rush of the end of the year to do’s, the sheer number of challenges we overcame, our many triumphs, the times when deep relationships were forged, and when the light bulbs went on for our kids.


We spend the entire year hiking (sometimes trudging) up the mountain and we have finally reached the summit, and we can get to decide where we go from here.


1. Intentional Celebration

2. All About Relationships 

3.17 Party Ideas

1. Intentional Celebration

Celebrating the end of the school year is not about creating a Pinterest worthy party; it is about intentionally being present with our kids .


We live in a culture that celebrates a frantic pace of life and accomplishments. We finish a major project and instead of taking a breather, we immediately jump into planning our next big accomplishment.  We are a culture that is constantly fighting to prove our worth and value in what we do. It is demoralizing, exhausting, and unhealthy to constantly be in a state of go, go, go.


Children can teach us a lot about how to move through life. They don’t understand the meaning of the word “hurry“. They move at what seems like a snail’s pace, stopping to ask questions, give extra hugs and kisses, and gather treasures.  Children are masters of being present in the moment.  


Stopping to celebrate gives your family permission to breathe, to savor, to rest. It allows you to set aside to do lists, exams, doubts, and fears, and spend intentional time laughing, enjoying, playing, remembering, and delighting in your most precious gifts: your family.


We all need time at the top of the mountain.  It is good for our soul.


2. All About Relationships


An end of the year party is more than just a fun day out.  Its being intentionally present with our children.  Its day full of laughter, food, bonding, reminiscing, fun, hugs, and more food.


It can be very meaningful to take the time to ask questions throughout the day.  Over a meal, or slurping up ice cream, ask questions like:

What was your biggest challenge this year? What are you the proudest of? What did you enjoy learning about the most? What was your favorite moment?


Take the time to tell them how proud you are of their perseverance. It’s not about mastery or gathering a list of accomplishments, it’s about the journey. It’s about taking the time to celebrate their progress.


For the kid who struggles with math, it is celebrating that they memorized their multiplication tables. For the child who hates history, it’s about acknowledging how hard they worked to understand the ancient civilizations. For some children, it might not even be academic, but relational progress. No matter how big or small, celebrate the ride.


You can do this with fun activities, food, ice cream, more fun, questions, chocolate and by revisiting the year. Spend time looking over their end of the year portfolios, pictures, or mementos, and talk about their favorite experiences.


As a family, give yourself permission to stop and catch your breath, enjoy the view, and to celebrate how far you have traveled.


3. 17 Party Ideas

Today, the focus is on celebrating together. Rejoicing in life together. This party can something informal or as a well-planned strategy.  Choose an activity, outing or special food that brings life to your family.   

It doesn’t have to be expensive, elaborate, or an all-day event. It just has to be something out of the norm that will create space for you to celebrate together. We have done a pancake and/or waffle bar before that was a HUGE hit!  I would highly advise adding special food to whatever you decide to do. laughing


Here Are Some Ideas To Get You Started:


1. Go on a Treasure Hunt

2. Go to a Trampoline Park

3. Explore Downtown or a Fun Area of Your City

4. Indoor Rock Climbing

5. Host a Family Party

6. Revisit Favorite Field Trip Destination

7. Go Camping

8. Try a New Restaurant

9. Visit a Water Park or Pool

10. Host a Family Bowling Tournament

11. Weekend Road Trip

12. Go Horseback riding

13. Participate in a Challenge Course

14. Participate in a Backwards Meal

15. Go to a Movie

16. Hike or Picnic in the Woods

17. Board Game and Snacks Day


Are you wondering HOW do you actually get started homeschooling? Join our community of moms who want to invest in the lives of their children through homeschooling. I also created a 10 Tips to Finding Excellent Curriculum form to help you on your journey. 



What about you? What are your favorite ways to celebrate the end of the school year? Leave a comment, and don’t forget to follow Most Important Work on Pinterest! 

How to Make God A Priority Now

How to Make God A Priority Now


Reading Time: 5 min 8 sec

Do you ever wonder how to make God a priority? Do you ever feel like your relationship with God takes permanent residence on the back burner of your life? 


The early seasons of The Office, a sitcom based on typical office dynamics, are a great picture of what life feels like before encountering a deep relationship with Jesus; everything looks drab, lifeless, and boring. You watch the employees express their feelings of discontent, and see the hopelessness on their faces as they move about their everyday tasks just waiting for the clock to hit 5pm.  They desire more to life (even a different office) but they don’t how to get there.


Do you ever feel stuck when it comes to your relationship with God?  You want to want more of Jesus but life just seems to be getting in the way?


Your time with him can consist of scattered prayers, hit or miss devotions, or primarily when you make it to a Sunday morning service.  You might hear an uplifting sermon, or the worship really seems to resonate, and your heart is stirred with a desire for more.  However, the wet blanket reality of Monday morning falls and all thoughts of the divine fly out the window. A deep life with God can feel like a dream, but not a pressing priority when you have kids to feed, dirty jerseys to wash, and projects at work hanging over your head. 


When you finally grab a moment for yourself, the last thing you want to do is crack open your current devotional because it can feel like more work.


You feel guilty, discontented, and stuck.  So how do you live a vibrant, exciting, life with God?  

  1. How to Increase Your Desire For God

2. How to Create Elbow Room

3. How to Live Life In Community 



1. How to Increase Your Desire For God 


Seriously, the Holy Spirit is your best friend when it comes to making God a priority in your life (actually, everything laughing)  making God a priority in your life. As we journey down the road towards deeper intimacy with the Father, we have no clue what we truly need. NONE. ZIP. NADDA. We might think we do but we really don’t.


You see the beautiful thing about a relationship with the Holy Spirit is that he has our best interests at heart. He knows our innermost selves, the part that we don’t even fully understand, and if we work with him, he will so graciously lead us by the hand into deeper intimacy with the God.


The fact is we can’t self-help our way into a deeper relationship with God. Inner transformation is 100% the Holy Spirit’s job (trust me, we don’t want it).  

What we are responsible for is actively participating in what the Holy Spirit is already doing in our lives.  


So how do we make God a priority in our life?  First, by asking the Holy Spirit for an increased desire for God.  


Every morning, start the day with this simple prayer, “Father, increase my hunger for you today. Let me desire you above all things.”


Seriously, it all begins with prayer. Prayer is an active participation in what the Holy Spirit is doing in your life. When we ask, he is faithful to answer.


2.  Create Elbow Room 


 If we want to experience freedom, peace, and the lavish, unconditional love of God, we need to create some elbow room for the Holy Spirit to work. If we look at our lives, there is so much noise, it’s no wonder we feel like we can’t hear God’s voice, we barely can hear our own.  


I love how Dallas Willard put it, when he said, “You Must consider why you have no time to spend with the Father.”


This is not meant to be a shame-based question but a time of exploration.  What things fill up your days?


Choosing to make that intentional decision every day to take ten to twenty minutes and spend it with God is where a deeper intimacy with him develops. You get a taste for the over the top love and acceptance of the Father and instead of trying to remember to spend time with God, you want to include him in every facet of your day.


 This quote from C.S. Lewis really encapsulates this idea, “It’s funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different.


A life-changing, deep relationship with God all starts with a simple choice every day. To say yes to spending time with God, even when it feels like nothing is happening or it’s a waste of time.


It’s amazing that when you ask the Holy Spirit for a deeper desire for more of God, it actually happens.  And it gets easier to make space each day to spend time with God.   


3. Live Life Together In Community

Life with God is designed to happen not in isolation, but in community with others. I cannot stress this enough, you need to have authentic relationships with other Christians who are going for it in their relationships with Jesus.  


Ruth Haley Barton talks about the power of life in community this way, “The purpose of journeying together in spiritual friendship and spiritual community (whether there are just two of you or whether you are in a small group) is to listen to one another’s desire for God, to nurture that desire in each other and to support one another in seeking a way of life that is consistent with that desire.”

You need the support structure of a Christian community. You need Spiritual Friendships based on trust where you can be real.   

There is a well-known story (with multiple variations), about a Sunday School, where the teacher asked the children this question, “What is brown, furry, has a big tail, and collects nuts for winter?” One boy piped up and said, “Well, it sounds like a squirrel, but I am going to go ahead and say, Jesus.

We need a Spiritual Community where we feel safe to say the real thing, not the “right thing”.   We can find this by regularly participating in a church community through services, small groups, serving others, and close spiritual friendships.


This foundation is not optional but CRITICAL to your overall growth and maturity as a Christian.


We need others to come alongside us and affirm what God is doing in our lives. When we develop relationships of trust and vulnerability it allows others to speak Gods truth into our lives. Spiritual Friendships encourage us to press on in pursuit of a love relationship with Jesus. 


So how do you make God a priority in your life?  Start off by daily asking for a deeper desire for him, create elbow room for the Holy Spirit to work, and live life together in community with others.


Wondering where to go from here?  Here are some of my favorite resources to get started:

If you want to know how to get started in living a deep life with God; grab our Deeper Life Beginners Guide (below). And join our community of moms who are hungry for more Jesus in their lives and in the lives of their families. 



What about you? What is your #1 issue when it comes to creating elbow room for God in your life?   Leave a comment, and don’t forget to follow Most Important Work on Pinterest!   

How to Spend Time With Jesus When It’s Hard

How to Spend Time With Jesus When It’s Hard


Reading Time: 5 min 41 sec

Do you ever feel like a failure when it comes to your relationship with God? Your pastor, your friends, and your soul all tell you that daily time is crucial for your faith, but you just can’t seem to meet consistently with him. 


You occasionally hear about the lives of great men of faith and something in you stirs, you long for deep intimacy with the Father, but that longing never seems to translate into real life.  You plan to wake up early and spend time with God, and then you oversleep your alarm. You know waking up early will never happen so you plan on meeting with God after dinner, and then your spouse wants to take you out on a date.


Every day it seems like your grand intentions of spending time with Jesus are forced aside due to something. Your kid wakes up with a nightmare, your boss e-mails you with a question, your spouse is watching tv and you want to hang out, the mountains of laundry that need to be folded, and frankly, you are tired and you don’t want to do something you “should” do.


Good things are truly the enemy of great things.  There will always be a thousand reasons, excuses, emergencies, and opportunities for you not to spend time with Jesus.


But what could your life look like if you spent time with Jesus every day? How would your heart transform? Your attitudes and your interactions with others?

C.S. Lewis, Billy Graham, Mother Theresa, Corrie Ten Boom, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer all started their walks with God where you are right now! It’s not too late to experience a deeper life with God.

  1. The Foundation

2. Reordering Your Life Around Jesus

3. Tools for the Changing Seasons



1. The Foundation 


Your father in heaven lavishly loves you regardless of whether or not you have gone three days without spending time with him. He is not a punitive God, ready to heap fire and brimstones on your head. His over the top love for you is not based on your performance. There is nothing you can do to make God love you any more or any less than he does right now. 


Ephesians 3:17-19 says, “And I ask him that with both feet planted firmly on love, you’ll be able to take in with all followers of Jesus the extravagant dimensions of Christ’s love. Reach out and experience the breadth! Test its length! Plumb the depths! Rise to the heights! Live full lives, full in the fullness of God.”


This love that is overflowing with grace is the foundation for your entire relationship with God.  How can we go beyond a surface relationship with God? How can we experience a deeper life with God?   


First, by taking some time to ask ourselves, why do you want to experience a deeper life with God? Do you feel resistance to having devotions? List those reasons (ex. It seems like a waste of time, nothing ever happens, there is so much to do, I mess up so much that God doesn’t want to spend time with me etc.)  Really examine your heart and be real.  Is it because you feel like you should spend time with Jesus because that’s what good Christians do? Or because you know it will be good for you? What is your reason?


There is no right answer. Your father in heaven has been pursuing you since the moment of your existence. Regardless of where you are talk to God about your resistance, your thoughts, and feelings, and ask for a deeper desire for him.


Do you know that every time you show up and are present that you bring joy to God?  Every time you make the small choice to say yes to spending time with Jesus and no to something else (even good things) you fill his heart with joy.



2. Reordering Your Life Around Jesus 


A couple of years ago I trained for a half marathon. When I decided to race, I knew it was going to take more than a goal and fancy running plan. I woke up every morning at 5am.   I ran through blisters and cramps, I ran when it was the last thing I wanted to do, and I kept running when I was tired, hot, and discouraged. I ran for hours.


 I reordered my life to accomplish my goal. It took sacrifices. I went to bed earlier, I had to say no to some social activities, and I watched what I ate. I was single-minded in the pursuit of my goal.


The key to success was that I didn’t just try and fit my runs around life, I rearranged my life to fit my running schedule.


This idea crosses over into our relationship with God. If you have a desire to go deeper in your relationship with God, wishing won’t get you there.  To have an intimate relationship with God, you need to reorder your life around him.  It doesn’t work to make a goal, create a fancy plan, and then try to fit it around your schedule.  Other things will ALWAYS move you away from your goal.


It will take sacrifices. You might have to get up earlier, say no to a tv show, or time with your family.  But know that these sacrifices will pay DIVIDENDS in the future. You will be a woman who is operating out of your identity as a beloved child of God and that simple fact will CHANGE everything.  As you go deep in the love of God, that loves flows through you, and overflows on the people around you.  Your simple act of faithfulness will transform your family and your life.


Are you reordering your life around Jesus? 


3. Tools for the Changing Seasons

Do you feel like your time with God is boring and stale? Do you feel like you are not connecting with God?  Rest assured, you are not defective or a bad Christian. As we transition into different life seasons, the ways we connect with God might need to change in order to fit where we are in that season. Being flexible by not getting locked into certain ways of meeting with God can help you connect with him in different ways and at deeper levels.

For instance, you have entered into a very busy season either with your kids or at work. You are spending a large majority of your day in the car driving. This would be a great opportunity to change it up and start listening to an audio version of the Bible.


Or you find yourself slogging through current devotional (which you LOVED two months ago) and not really connecting with anything other than how much it is NO LONGER working.  This would be a great time to either try a different devotional or connect with God using art.  


Here are some ideas for how you can figure out what might be a good tool for your current season.


  1. Ask God what are you inviting me into?


  1. Ask yourself, what am I feeling drawn towards? Is there a devotional that you can’t stop thinking about? Do you get excited about the idea of using art as a way to connect with God?


  1. Try out different tools until you find one that seems to be a good fit.



Don’t feel the need to finish something. If a tool is no longer meeting you where you are at (you are dreading you using it) put it down, it may really fit where you are in a future season.


Here are some resources that might be a good fit for your current season.

IF you want to know how to get started in living a deeper life with God; grab our Deeper Life Beginners Guide(below). And join our community of moms who are hungry for more Jesus in their lives and in the lives of their families. 


What about you? What is your #1 issue when it comes to living life with God?   Leave a comment, and don’t forget to follow Most Important Work on Pinterest!


How To Homeschool When You Wake Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed

How To Homeschool When You Wake Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed


Reading Time: 5 min 28 sec

We have all had those mornings where we oversleep and wake up to our kids’ incessant demands for food, justice, and love all at once, and at an unmistakable roar. We stumble to the coffee maker and pray that the coffee will be made at lightning speed as we listen to that roar turn into a circus.  We wonder why is there SO MUCH NOISE at 7am?! 


We dream of someone else sweeping in and taking over the chaos so we can catch a breather. Unfortunately, a large majority of the time, that sweeper is us. We heave a sigh and pray for patience and the strength to make it through the day.  As a mom (and primary teacher) it can be a bummer to know that you set the tone for the day.

                             Our kids can pick up on our moods through walls and at

                                                   opposite ends of the home.


They can internalize our grumpiness, our stress, and our impatience and it will come out in undesirable ways.  The Ron Hall quote, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” can be infuriatingly accurate.


So how do you homeschool on days that you just want to curl up under the blankets, put a pillow over your head, and restart the day?  How do you not just survive but redeem a lousy day?

We are going to be talking about eight tips for salvaging those grumpy days.

1. Keep The End In Mind 

2. Focus on the Have-To’s 

3. Follow a Rhythm

4. Go Outside

5. Focus on Relationships

6. Utilize Digital Resources 

7. Take Time for You

8. Simple Meals and Fun Treats 


1. Keep the End in Mind 


We need to begin with the end in mind. If we want to homeschool long term we need to be proactive in practicing self-care.  As a homeschool mom, it can be easy to fall into the trap of just going, going, going each day, which leads to a burned out, irritated mama.


We need to keep our long-term vision in place and understand that there are days when we need to give ourselves the gift of rest. I would rather move slowly and practice self-care than burn out and ship my kids off to boarding school.   


2. Focus on the Have-To’s


For those days when you can’t stay at home, I would encourage you to eliminate as many outside activities as possible.  Your kids would rather have a mom who is loving, kind, and present then a mom who is biting everyone’s heads offs as you rush, rush, rush to activities.  


There are some things that we are not in control of and can’t be postponed. However, you would be surprised at how many things we can adjust with a little creative thinking. I know you were planning to visit the library, grocery store, and soccer practice today but can they be postponed until tomorrow or next week? Will the world come to an end if your child misses one piano lesson?   Ask yourself what has to happen today and eliminate the rest.

3. Follow a Rhythm

On those tough days give yourself room to move slowly, whether it’s taking time to sip your coffee (instead of gulp), or by taking an extra-long shower.  If you have older kids tell them to go play quietly in another room and with littles allow them to play in a pack n play. Your goal is to give yourself grace and space to wake up and move throughout your day.

Kids thrive on predictability. Instead of removing all structure in favor of a lazy day employ the joy of a rhythm.  A rhythm has the benefit of a structure without set time limits. Who wants to be constantly chasing a schedule all day when you are already feeling out of sorts?  Give yourself permission to move slowly and rest of a rhythm instead of a schedule.

4. Go Outside 


One of the best ways to reset the day is getting outside. Even if you don’t feel like moving (I know that feeling), push yourself, and get everyone out the door. It will be worth it!


Go for a walk, visit a park, hike a trail. Time outside will increase your energy, decrease your stress, and burning your kids excess energy, sounds like a win, win to me!  


5. Focus on Relationship

Focus on savoring relationships instead of trying to knock out accomplishments. Do something fun together. Engage in a hobby or grab the art supplies and head outside.  

Today, I would encourage you to save your strength by avoiding areas of contention and set yourself up for success. You can do this by thinking outside of the box.  If you know that math will be a struggle, grab a board game. Snuggle on the couch and read a stack of your favorite picture books, or write a letter to a family member, instead of a reading or language arts lesson.

You can still homeschool by utilizing alternative resources to accomplish your objectives. Focus on relationships instead of crossing off to do’s and it will transform your day.


My Favorite Picture Book Series:

  1. The Katie Series                               by James Mayhew (Art)
  2. The Sir Cumference Series             by Cindy Neuschwander (Math)
  3. Magic School Bus Series                 by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degan (Science)
  4. Ordinary People Change the World Series   by Brad Meltzer  (History)
  5. Mercy Watson Series                      by Kate DiCamillo (Language Arts)


My Favorite Games: See this post for more game schooling ideas

  1. Quoridor–      Logic  (WE LOVE THIS GAME!) 
  2. Story Cubes- Language Arts-Imagination
  3. Wildcraft-      Science Study of Herbs
  4. Ticket To Ride First Journey – Geography
  5. Sum Swamp–  Money Bags–   Clumsy Thief–   Math


6. Utilize Digital Resources


Give yourself the gift of letting your children learn from someone other than you.  Remember today isn’t every day, and your mental health is crucial to the long-term sustainability of your homeschool.

Take advantage of some of the amazing learning resources via apps, audiobooks, videos etc. Some of my family’s most favorite memories are centered around listening to an audiobook while coloring or painting.


Here are some of my favorite apps:

  1. Reading Eggs/Math Seeds
  2. Piano Maestro (Free)
  3. Duolingo (Free)
  4. Rosetta Stone (Check out this post to check out if you can get this program for free)


Here are some of my favorite videos:

  1. Travel with Kids Series
  2. Popular Mechanics for Kids
  3. Bob Ross Painting Series
  4. Magic School Bus


Here are some of my favorite audiobooks:

  1. Wind in the Willows
  2. The Saturdays
  3. The Boxcar Children
  4. Cheaper By the Dozen
  5. Paddington Bear Series

Also, my all-time favorite resource for slow days is Around the World Stories. You can check it out here!



7. Take Time For You 


While your children are engaged in an activity (or taking a nap), take advantage of the time by replenishing your soul. Spend time with Jesus, read a book, engage in a hobby or build a nap into your day.

                            Taking time to participate in activities that recreate you

                                             is crucial to your overall health.


8. Simple Meals and Fun Treats

I pull out the crockpot or fix easy dinners on tough days. This is not the day to be spending an hour in the kitchen trying out a new recipe (unless you love to cook). Bring out the taco soup and spaghetti!! Or call your husband and tell him its a Chipotle night! 🙂


Don’t forget the snacks! Yummy snacks like a cup of hot chocolate, fresh chocolate chip cookies, or warm banana bread can add some fun (and amazing memories) into your day.


Do you want more practical tips, AMAZING resources, and support on your homeschooling journey?  Join our community of moms who are pouring into the lives of their families through homeschooling. Grab your free 10 Tips to Finding Excellent Curriculum checklist (get it below) to help YOU on your homeschooling journey!  



What about you? What are your favorite tips for homeschooling on a tough day?  

 Please feel free to leave me a comment and don’t forget to follow Most Important Work on Pinterest!


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