How To Confidently Lead Your Kids In The Salvation Prayer

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Go Through God's Rescue Plan

"Salvation is a beautiful story of a merciful God. Who so lavishly, over the top loves us, that he gave up his precious son to rescue us from an eternity spent separated from him." - Sally Lloyd-Jones

The Lord’s great love, his compassion, his faithfulness, and mercy to his children is the foundation of the salvation story.

Love was at Jesus’ death on the cross and at His resurrection. Love is interwoven into every aspect of our being; drawing us into a relationship with Him.

Salvation Prayer for Kids FAQ

What About Escaping the Fires Of Hell?

When you look at salvation through the lens of relationship, you come to understand that escaping the fiery pit of hell is more about being separated forever from the love and security of your father in heaven; not about saving your own skin

How Do We Prepare Our Child For Salvation?

Leading a child to Christ is the natural outcome of spiritual conversations. You don’t have to do anything special, you just have to be available. The best preparation is your relationship with God lived out in front of your children.

Is My Child Too Young?

So many children  have expressed a desire to invite Jesus into their life starting at age three.  If your child expresses an interest in inviting Jesus into their hearts go for it! Trust and celebrate that the Holy Spirit is at work in the life of your child.

Do I Initiate The Salvation Prayer With My Child?

Every child is on their own unique spiritual journey. We need to remember and trust that the Holy Spirit is at work in the life of our children.  He will lead them to make decisions of faith when the time is right.

Salvation Prayer for Kids

When your child is ready to ask Jesus into their lives, briefly explain the salvation story. You want your child to understand (at their level) what they praying.

Here is a sample you can use/adapt to talk and pray with your child. Ask your child to repeat the prayer after me.  After you have prayed, CELEBRATE! Call everyone you know! Let your child tell them the great news! Celebrate by serving their favorite food for dinner. This is a huge deal! Let your child remember this important decision with fond memories.

Dear God, Thank you for loving me so much that you sent your son, Jesus to die on the cross for my sins. Please forgive me for the wrong things I have done and wash my heart clean inside.  I want to best friends with you forever, and ever. Please show me how to listen and follow you every day. Thank you for never leaving me. I love you! Amen!